Ghanaian based music video director, Xbills Ebenezer has shared an inspiring story about himself today on his social media page. According to the renowned video director, he was once a musician before switching to video directing.

“Let’s throwback (2005)when young man was still trying to break through music but nobody to support…I Teamed up with my bro Mojo group name “Atumpan Clan” our snr bro OB4 our producer. Later teamed up with friends and group name was DNA.

We released a song/video “Won ya Chorkor” (2011) because we were nobody to some of the radio/TV stations, they told us to wait for sometime cos they are promoting some top artistes at that time.

This broke my heart and decided to focus on filmmaking and continue music later. It wasn’t easy at all, I know there are so many upcoming artistes going through this in our industry. Never lose hope cos God has something better in your life. Keep pushing and you will definitely get there. One love ❤️

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