Prophet Cosmos Walker has revealed that, the three kidnapped girls from Takoradi have been used money rituals and are with their maker at the moment. Speaking to Yoofi Eyeson on Pimpiinaa, the prophet who prophesied Ebony’s death disclosed that, the three ladies have been used for money rituals at Nzema in the Western Region.

What I want to tell the family of the kidnapped girls is that they should leave everything to God because the kids are with their maker, they are no more with us, they were kidnapped for money rituals at Nzema“.

Cosmos Walker stressed that, the kidnappers kidnapped two other girls from Elubo in addition to the other three girls for the money rituals and also added that the police can’t deny all his allegations.

Based on my spiritual research, the kidnappers have kidnapped to other girls at Elubo in addition to the three girls, but the three girls are being discussed because theirs came into the media early

“The kidnapper has confirmed to the police that the ladies have been used for rituals, it will be a lie if the Police denies that. The Police just don’t know how they will come out to tell Ghanaians that”.