Heavyweight dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has thrown back to his childhood life, growing and his love for football until his unfortunate car accident which affected his movement.

In an interview, Stonebwoy revealed his favorite football club and he loves everything about them.

“I used to play so much football growing up as a kid but after the accident, not being able to play was one of the things which hurt me more than anything else. My kid brother is pursuing to be a professional footballer right now, so he’s going to take up on a lot of the playing which I can’t do.” Stonebwoy said.

“Barcelona is a great team. When I love something I love it. When it comes to football I don’t have one team that I’m doing or die. But I’d choose Barcelona. Football is the individuals, if anyone catches my eye I am fully behind them”.

Stonebwoy recently grabbed two awards at the African Entertainment awards – USA, adding to his many awards won down the years.