Martin King Arthur well known as Kofi Kinaata has revealed why he will not pay payola to any DJ or presenter.

Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Kinaata posited good products sells itself so he won’t spend money on such product ones he has churned out a great piece.

“It is now easier for any song to penetrate because artistes are willing to pay DJs any amount of money to play their songs. I will not do that when I know the product I have is great. If my songs do not get airplay on the radio, my fans will play it in their rooms, offices and at parties,” he said.

The Fante Rap God emphasized that he also want to compose songs that are bound to make a significant impact.

“I am in for positive songs. When you listen to songs such as Susuka, Adam and Eve, Sweetie Pie, Single and Free, Confession and Last Show, you will know the direction I want to go with my music.

“I want my songs to make an impact and not just do music for the fun of it. I am not that artiste who follows trends and it is probably the reason why the young and the old enjoy my music. I do music to impact life and give hope to the hopeless,” he stated.

Commenting on his latest song, Kofi said, “I can say with authority that Things Fall Apart will surpass Susuka, Confession and any other song I have done previously. The content of the song is deep and everyone is enjoying it because I took my time to write it.”

He also touted his capabilities of winning awards.

“With the kind of songs I do, I think I deserve to win Songwriter of the Year anytime I am nominated in any award scheme. I do impactful songs and everyone can attest to it,” Kofi Kinaata added.