Team Move President, Kofi Kinaata has said the reason why he looks unique amongst his peers in the music industry is that he always wants to look different and not follow the trends.

 Speaking to Yoofi Eyeson on Spice FM’s Ofie one Fie, Kinaata reacted to his choice of words in his music recently and the motivation behind it.  

“I personally don’t like doing things the way everyone is doing, if you do exactly what everyone is doing, you wouldn’t look different and unique.

“So if you will remember ‘The Crusade’ collaboration that I did with Donzy Chaka, there were a lot of songs in the system which sounded like Gospel and Hiplife but you saw ours was the talk of the town when we did because we did it differently.

“Lots of things exist but you can do something to make impacts. There were cars years back but someone added airbags and other things to make it look differently” he said on Spice 91.9 FM’s Ofie ne Fie.

Source: // Francis Hema