Leader of Moment of Truth religious body and self acclaimed numeroloist , Evangelist Emmanuel Addai , strikes again and this time around the target is Kofi Adomah of Adom FM and Kofi TV.

Evangelist Addai.

In a Facebook post, the preacher says Kofi Adomah will eventually kick the bucket if he doesn’t stop airing news concerning the death of Daddy Lumba the second.

The deceased was said to have been flown to India to cure his ailment but died amidst an operation in the hospital.

Addai then came in with a claim saying Kofi Adomah knows about Lumba’s death and should be interrogated.

Evangelist Addai is known for his ridiculous assertions about the world at large, joining hands with conspiracy theorists to claim the earth isn’t actually a globe or spherical but a flat disc.

Aside being a conspiracy theorist, he’s made some false accusations against some popular personalities in the country ,not to forget the allegation he made against the Despite company over a blood transfusion exercise last year .