Ghanaian musician, Albert Apoozore is popularly known as King Ayisoba has revealed some interesting things he does and has achieved as a musician.

According to the multiple awards winning artiste, music has paid off for him and thank God for that, he said through what he does as a musician, he is able to take care of his family and some children, heโ€™s been able to pay school fees for his child who is at the University in Bolga all through his earnings from music.

The โ€œI want to see you my fatherโ€ hitmaker stated that he has built a befitting house for his father in Bolga and has a similar one in Accra for himself, though he did not disclose the number of cars he has for reasons best known to him, he said he has cars.

When asked about whether he smokes marijuana, he responded by saying he smokes โ€œtaabaโ€ but not in excess, he stressed he does not abuse alcohol and marijuana.