Empowering and rallying together some of the best music talents in the Western Region towards championing a positive course is one of the many reasons Fante Revolution Continues to champion

In 2017, Fante Revolution organized a creative Arts seminar that brought together key personalities such as Bessa Simons, Daddy Bosco, Paulina Oduro, Lawyer Buckman and Ralp Menz to educate industry players on relevant topics such as Drafting and Understanding Basic Legal Document, Taken Your Arts Global, Show business and Home Management, VidoeGraphy and Photo Graphy, Marketing and Branding and more.

The above training was to set the tone for the right minds set towards becoming competitive in the industry.

We also realized that since the quest to become successful is a burning desire in many youth, knowing how to employ the best mentality and skills towards the adventure is key.

We believe calculated hustle will definitely bring glory, therefore, we set out to drop a Hiphop Classic that will inspire millions of Youth .The song seeks to inspire the youth to work hard towards success no matter the challenge.

The song starts with The Township knocking on the door of success, while success also responds with a soothing voice asking for the identity of the visitor. It continues with incomparable show of rap style, lyrical dexterity and energies of some top six rap heavy weight in the Western region.

The rappers include Amon West, Evergreen, Hindu, Scowatches N.A, Ayesem and Yaw Lucas

The choice of six rappers is symbolic representation of a united energies for a stronger Music fraternity in the
Western Region

Management of Fante Revolution plans to release the track before the close of the year.