Rapper M.anifest has reacted to rumours that his latest single dubbed ‘Rapper 101’ is an attack on SarkNation President, Sarkodie.

 M.anifest in an interview with Daniel Dadzie said it was wrong for Ghanaians to push artistes against each another. According to the ‘God Mc’  he never dissed Sarkodie in his song and wants people to appreciate the works of Ghanaian musicians than cause tension between them.

“Don’t praise me by attacking other people. You can see my contributions, you admire what other people have. Not all of us will be the same. We have to be very careful not to use one thing or person we admire against another person. We love putting people against each other,” he admonished.

According to him, no one should force another person to listen to a particular artiste, and likened choice of songs to a marketplace where everyone had a choice to purchase what they want.

“You have choices, it’s like a market place. No one is forcing you to listen to another artiste. We have to figure out as a whole what we can get [as industry players],” he said.