Ghanaian rapper and Afrobeats artist, Atumpan has described Ghanaian musicians as a bunch of jokers in a new interview.

The singer, who is fondly remembered for his smash hit, ‘The Thing’ in 2013, told DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa that the internal bickering and jealousy that permeates the industry is the reason Ghana music does not wave beyond the shores of the country.

“We have forgotten that other people are watching what we do. From bloggers, artists, DJs, radio presenters and producers. We only think of Ghana. When was the last time you saw that a Nigerian musician is being bashed online”, he asked.

He also posited that there’s too much mediocrity in the industry and therefore advised his colleagues to put in much effort so our music can hit the international stage.

“Everything is about planning. A few people are making money in music in Ghana because there are a lot of middlemen. We should cut out mediocrity and invest a lot into our music to churn out good songs.

The biggest hit in Ghana is a demo somewhere because we have failed to take time and churn out good songs,” he disclosed.